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JONDIX NEW BOOK!! SHAKTI-7 available online at Tue, 30 Aug 2016 21:03:43 +0000 JULY 2016 NEW YORK art show!!! Thu, 21 Apr 2016 13:22:30 +0000 GALLERY: Three Kings Studio // 754 Manhattan Avenue Brooklyn 11222 //
Jondix / D’Andrea
Astral Mind
Collaborative show
July 8 2016

Upon meeting in 2012, Jondix and D’Andrea discovered a shared reverence for illustration, transcendental pattern, and esoteric spiritual thought. They decided at this meeting to explore the path of collaboration by sending work between Portland and Barcelona.
Using additive and subtractive methods to ink over and under each
other’s lines, they conjured the spirit of the “Astral Mind”, a term describing the unknown and unpredictable artistic entity which emerges out of true collaboration.
The collection centers on black and white India ink on panels, flanked by large mixed media work on paper and 3d elements such as painted paper mache masks and more surprises…
The presentation will also involve editioned prints, portfolios and apparel.

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